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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  November 1, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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pressure builds it will be there for two days and we will arrive with a big drop in temperatures, next couple of days breezy and warm, especially over by the coast with temperatures 60s and 70s. here is sal. traffic is moving along in the bay area and if you are moving over to the san mateo bridge, it should be a nice drive for you. also the morning commute looks good, if you are driving on interstate 880 north and southbound passed the coliseum. and approaching the 80 split, san francisco, that has been a very nice drive coming up to the lower deck on the bay bridge. at 4:30 let's go back to the desk. three undercover police officers are in the hospital after their patrol car crashed.
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it happened on 19th and 20th. lorraine joins us with details, good morning lorraine. >> reporter: good morning, i just spoke with the public information officer and he told me three officers were transported to the hospital and all of those officers have non- life threatening injuries. take a look behind me, you can see a car out there and they just pulled it off the pole what we can tell you, we can see several firefighters pulling out from that wrecked car and at last checked, those three officers are conscious and talking right now. officers were responded to a man with a knife call a couple of blocks away but again those three officers that were in that vehicle are not sure what
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happened that led to that crash but they are conscious and talking and right now investigators are trying to figure out what led to the crash here. lorraine blanco ktvu channel 2 news. >> police and firefighters are on the scene of an early morning explosion. it happened at a home in ohio and 38th. kraig debro is on the scene, kraig? >> reporter: it is just amazing that the people inside this house survived here. look at this, it is basically ripped off the foundation of the home and it is that way along the back, it is also ripped off the back of the home, four people inside at the time they all survived, i want to bring in the richmond fire department, first of all how did these people survive?
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>> the cause is still under investigation so we are not sure what happened yet but just the fact that we had two people in the back of the house, two people in the front who made it out alive, it is unbelievable. >> like i said there were four people in the house, one person was transported to the hospital. >> two people were awake, one person was asleep in front of the house. >> no evacuation s, gas has been shut off, electrical is being shut off right now. >> reporter: thank you very much. from the richmond fire department. coming up, we hope to show you the back of this house which is even worse than the side reporting live richmond kraig debro ktvu channel 2 news. san francisco state is still looking for two missing
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teens. they vanished while their mother was attending class. they searched the neighborhoods but there was no sign of the missing brother and sister. the missing boy is 13 years old. he is 5-foot 6, 120 pounds short black hair, a purple t- shirt, and the missing girl is 15 years old, she is 5 feet 5 inches, long black hair, 145 pounds and black shoes. two county children are safe this morning and the neighbor accused of kidnapping them is under arrest. the five-year-old girl and seven-year-old boy were found in north redding. police arrested the woman they were with. 31-year-old abe cell joy
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schwartz. -- april joy schwartz. police believe schwartz may have been under the influence of controlled substances. longshoreman are refusing to unload what they say is dangerous shipping containers. the shipping containers were improperly serviced in vietnam. they want to know which companies are at risk. >> there were two companies and what we are looking for is maintenance records and whether they have transferred it to vietnam. >> negotiations are underway between the longshoreman's union and the coast guard as well as the port to resolve the
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issue. the chase ended yesterday morning on railroad avenue in pittsburgh. police say officers tried to stop a silver truck speeding as it drove away. it hit another truck and a wall and the female passenger was killed. the two people in the suv were also hurt. now police say the driver of the truck is a wanted parole lee and has an extensive history. they are looking to support the city's occupied movement, a board committee called on mayor ed lee to avoid the use of force to shut down the encampment. they will now consider the resolution at its meeting
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today. the supervisor is behind the measure. oakland continues their plans for team's strikes. they are calling for people across oakland to join planned rallies with the goal of shutting down the entire city. the strike is meant for the closure of schools, the closure of libraries and an unfair growing backlash. they are surrounding the end calm outside, business is down since the protest started. other businesses like the washington inn say they are losing customers because of the protesters downtown. >> they say it is all to the 1%, but what about the mother who has to cash a check who has
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to go to the doctors and needs to pay a bill and what happens if the banks are not open? some businesses have cut back hours and even had to lay off people in the last few weeks. in just a few hours, two- year-old couldn't joined twins will undergo a risky operation to be set rated. they spent yesterday trick or treating in palo alto the sisters were born joined in the chest and abdomen a team of doctors and nurses are expected to last nine hours. >> across the whole front of the abdomen, it is the longest dimension you can imagine and the thickest dimension, so it
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is a big area that needs to be separated. >> doctors say it will take about six hours to separate the girls and then another three hours to reconstruct their separate little bodies. time now 4:38 this is the second surgery on couldn't joined twins, doctors successfully separated two girls who were also joined at their chests and bell liz and doctors say that operation was more complex because they not only share a liver and their hearts were connected and doctors are now back in costa rica and are doing well. and coming up, the word a man has for his rescuers after being attacked. and saving california state parks. they are on the list of two
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state parks and they have organized a march to the state capital at 8:00 this morning. protesters will attend an assembly hearing on proposed park closures. 4:39 let's check in with sal for traffic. we were talking about that accident where police officers were on the way and responding to a man with a knife call, they were traveling when they struck this light pole. now there is still some activity at the scene. obviously it is a big area when it comes to the morning commute, people use it to
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parallel on 101. let's go to some live pictures this is a look at west bay bridge coming up to the toll plaza no major problems getting into the city. also this morning, getting up to highway 17, that traffic is off to a good start. at 4:40 let's go to steve. down towards monterey peninsular, even the coast will warm up and we are good to go for two days. they are 62 balmy degrees because of that north wind, 8 at vacaville, fs o says not so fast. a little westerly breeze, we like to see, and that says i am
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going to drop down on the west coast and we'll see temperatures drop a good 20 degrees as we head towards thursday and friday. this looks more like a winds and cold event than rain to me. we will minutes it late thursday into early friday and that will really lower snow levels, for us it will be on the windy and cold side. but today, it is lots of sunshine, breezy and warm, it is a northeast wind, 60s and 70s, including antioch very warm and we will start to focus our attention to the north. that will take us to friday and another system clips us on
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sunday. 4:42, a republican group is apologizing for a halloween invitation having an image of president barack obama. plus, plenty of people headed to the castro for halloween, why local business owners have said they are have happy the events has become smaller. we will tell you more about the morning commute straight ahead. stay tuned. tell you about a new
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. it could be friday for the power is back on everywhere. president barack obama has signed an emergency declaration for cab kate, the -- connecticut, the storm also caused halloween to be postponed until later this week. it used to be one of the greatest places to spend halloween week but there were plenty of people walking around
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in costumes and it was a much smaller and tamer crowd than years passed. one tells us, it actually improved business. >> i think it makes it easier for people to feel safe without having to be overwhelmed by mobs on the street. >> the official street party was canceled after nine people were hurt in a shooting in 2006. and the little trick or treaters, part of the bay area's biggest city, more than 1,000 people gathered for that street party, the city closed off streets to make room for hundreds of trick or treaters, . one had to apologize after
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sending a message after sending a picture of president barack obama as a zombie. they e-mailed this image as part of a halloween party invitation. it shows president barack obama with a bullet hole in his forehead. the state's public called it shameful and offensive and they apologized and said they didn't want him to be harmed. cane said he was falsely accused of sexual harassment while he was head of the restaurant association. he defers significantly from being reported in that area. >> i was standing near her and i said you are the same height as my wife, this lady is 5 feet tall and came up to my chin and obviously she thought that was
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too close for comfort. >> the political report said, cane invited her to his hotel room during a national restaurant association event and the report says two women were paid 5 figure financial settlements because of the claims and cane said he was not aware of any such settlements. candidates are set to outline their front runners and mitt romney will not be there, many are looking into the time they are spending in iowa. the iowa caucus is coming up on january 3rd. the oakland mayor is responding to removing her from office. she filed an official response. she said in the 20 years of serving oakland her only agenda has been to work hartford city.
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she received 71 signatures and once the signatures are verified they can begin the recall on the ballot. today we are expected to find out if michael jackson's doctor will testify in his own defense. marie has pled not guilty stemming from jackson in 2009. they are in the final stages of presenting evidence to jurors. anesthesia experts can be called back to the witness stand today. contest shows a window that begins today and runs through november 12th. now it could start at 8:00 this morning if they deem conditions to be good. the top ranked surfers will
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compete. the ocean waves lab challenge. >> it is different, there are a lot more elements out there other than a big open ocean and it's tricky because there are big scary sharks in there also. well the contest is held at a different location and they chose ocean beach because it has some of the best waves in the world. a red flag warn being, which areas are the highest waves of a fire. that is a monterey man, he is back home after being attacked by a shark. ♪
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. a monterey man is back home after being attacked by a shark. he had no problems walking and on saturday a shark bit him in monterey bay. he was airlifted to the hospital after suffering bites to his right arm and neck. >> i just want to thank everyone who supported me, all my friends on the beach, the paramedics who got me into the ambulance, they did a great job. >> the jaw was 19 inches. the bite wounds was millimeters from hitting a major artery that would have killed him. he joked that he wanted to quickly get back into the water. sal, i don't know that i would be so quick to get back into
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the water. >> well he is a courageous young man right there. we have some activity in san francisco, and it is closed between 18th and 21st. now just moments ago they removed the police car and watching the video, it was a brown victoria that was mangled. it was one of the plain cars, not a queen victoria, they just moved it away after it crashed into a tree there. i just got an e-mail from the public information officer on the scene and he told us via e- mail this intersection will not be open until at least 6:00. they have to do an investigation, you see the guy with the stick out there taking
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measurements, so that area will be rerouted and we will find out exactly what is coming up. on the freeway northbound 101 is moving well and see steve there is an american flag at the end of your screen, that is a billboard in san francisco. also the morning commute will be okay in oakland on 880. >> what is the billboard for? >> i don't know. good morning, sunny and warm on the first of november. but by the third of november it will be cold. >> boo. >> boo yourself. >> some of us welcome both changes. storm track stays to the north, but it's on its way, it will be over castle and mine. breezy to windy in the hills,
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high fire danger, 70s and 80s. the coast is clear, 50s and 60s. 49 in napa, no wind versus a north wind and that northeast santa rosa, that has to have stopped. your red flag warning right there, it doesn't take too long, it already gusts up to 46 miles per hour so northeast bay mainly, 40 plus, humidity very low and fire danger will go up and after that fire danger goes down. this is more of a winds and cold system than it's really a rainy system and there will be
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another one coming in to reinforce that. a few 70s and once the wind stops it will be colds in the morning. from thursday into friday, then another break on saturday. talking about that red flag warning, three undercover officers, what caused their car to crash into a light pole. plus an explosion inside the richmond home, the early details about what caused that blast.
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